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Content Management

Business to Customer (B2C) solutions that enable customers to get 24-7 access to you. Solutions:

  • Brochure Websites
  • Secure Websites
  • Portal Solutions
  • Online Stores and
  • Web Based Applications
Web Hosting

Modern standards require organisation to be online and accessible through email and website. We offer managed solutions that allow business to focus on their core business while enjoying internet benefits. Solutions:

  • Email
  • Web hosting
Intranet Design

These are Business to Employee (B2E) solutions that enable employees to gain access to company information. Solutions include:

  • Employee Portals
  • Content Management and
  • Collaboration Tools


We offer a variety of internet access services to suit your business needs:

  • ADSL
  • Satellite
  • Radio Link
  • Dial up connections
  • Satellite Internet

Reyakopele provides a suite of comprehensive telecommunications solutions:

  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Telephony Management Systems
  • Text Messaging Applications
  • Corporate Voice Solutions
  • Data Access
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